Clips: PHP

The Slate News Quiz

Slate, 4/3/2012

Slates Friday News Quiz, written by Ken Jennings, has been running since 2012. The quiz pits you against a Slate writer or a celebrity. It also stores the scores of logged-in users and shows the average score. I also built an editorial tool to construct the quiz.

Powered by Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL

The Game of Thrones Graveyard

Slate, 4/13/2014

Leave a flower for a dead Game of Thrones character.

Powered by Javascript, jQuery, CoffeeScript, PHP, MySQL

Gun Deaths

Slate, 9/16/2013

A project collecting and visualizing gun-related deaths that are reported in the news since the 2012 Newtown shooting.

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The Google Graveyard

Slate, 3/15/2013

Leave a flower for a dead Google product.

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Two Shots: Teenie Harris

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/12/2011

This interactive features videos and photos from Post-Gazette photographers in a feature about the famous Pittsburgh photographer, Charles 'Teenie' Harris. The piece includes video interviews with some of Teenie's former subjects, as well as Teenie's photos of them and modern photos of them. I designed the entire Web presentation of the project, including a feature by which the videos tour the user through the slideshows.

The Penn State scandal, piece by piece

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/14/2011

This interactive is a chronology of the Penn State scandal with events that the user can filter by the people involved in the scandal. I based the information on the reporting of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporters as well as a grand jury presentment. I alone conceptualized and programmed the interactive. I also wrote the copy for each event and selected all the photos. I ensured that the interactive could be easily repurposed for future projects and updated regularly by the Post-Gazette's interactives editor. This interactive uses jQuery, PHP and XML.

Income taxes through history

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/5/2011

This interactive illustrates how tax brackets and rates have changed since the government instituted the federal income tax in 1913. I was responsible for desinging and coding the interactive as well as finding the data. The interactive uses jQuery and PHP.

Inequality: the perception, the reality, the ideal

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/14/2011

This interactive simulates a study of perceptions of the U.S.'s wealth distribution. It asks users what they think the wealth distribution of the country is, what they think it should be, and then reveals what the actual distribution of wealth is, as well as how other users of the interactive and subjects of the study answered. The interactive uses jQuery and PHP. It also uses SQL to store and retrieve user data.

Data Profile: Penn State

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/5/2011

This interactive includes some descriptive data about Penn State University's academic and sports programs and compares the university with other members of the Big Ten. I used HTML5 to create the line graphs and javascript to create the sortable tables.


Launched in 2009

New Morning Montessori

Launched in 2007

Kindergarten Connections

Launched in 2011